The Bridgewater /Raritan High Schools East vs. West
Thanksgiving Day Football Game
From 1968 to 1990 it was the premiere local event
Between 6000 and 7000 people attended the annual game between the two rival High Schools
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"It was like playing in The Super Bowl. It is a shame that it is over."
George Greiner - Head Coach East (1968-1977)
"There was nothing like it. The kids knew each other, so pride was on the line.
It was a total battle - the place was loaded with people ... it was nuts ... it was madness ... it was great! "

Tony Maglione - Head Coach West (1979-84, 1987-90)
"When I came to the school I could not believe the intensity of the East-West game.
It was a lot of fun and a wonderful tradition. The kids were great. It was a coach's dream."

Bill Savage - Head Coach East (1978-90)
"The games were so emotional ... It was a great rivalry"
Dave Adam - Head Coach West (1975-78)
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1971 Game
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YEAR SCORE DESCRIPTION (click for article)
1968 East 14 West 14 (tie) First Game of Rivalry Ends in Tie
1969 East 20 West 14 EAST caps off undefeated season.
Hennemuth's Touchdown on fake punt proves margin of victory
1970 East 16 West 0 EAST finishes second undefeated season with shutout over WEST
1971 East 18 West 6 EAST unbeaten Streak hits 34 games with win over WEST
1972 East 15 West 6 Mark Debes stars with two TDs including an Interception returned for a TD
1973 East 14 West 0 Ken Siegrist scores both EAST TDs on short runs
1974 East 44 West 0 East romps before moving onto playoffs
1975 East 6 West 0 WEST comes close but its EAST again
1976 West 14 East 13 Pandamonium as WEST beats EAST for the 1st time
1977 East 14 West 0 Buschinski 67 yard run highlights EAST win
1978 East 31 West 0 EAST ground game leads the way in romp
1979 West 30 East 20 WEST pulls big upset
1980 East 30 West 15 Blocked punts make the difference for EAST
1981 East 14 West 0 76 yard pass from Mueller to Rozelle highlights EAST shutout of WEST
1982 West 21 East 14 68 yard pass from Nikles to Sedlazek with 4 minutes left cap WEST Victory
1983 East 6 West 5 EAST Nips WEST on late TD pass
1984 East 16 West 12 Jeff Anderson's 2 defensive touchdowns lead EAST
1985 East 0 West 0 (tie) "The Mud Bowl"- Teams Slip and Slide to Scoreless Tie
1986 East 14 West 6 Grant leads way as EAST trims WEST
1987 East 21 West 13 Grant Paces EAST to victory over WEST
1988 West 14 East 6 Strong Defensive Effort Give West Victory
1989 West 12 East 7 West on Slippery Field Makes it 2 in a Row
1990 West 21 East 12 Hobbs 3 TD runs lead WEST to 3 in a Row
The intensity of the game is present in this photo from 1971. Note the defender knocked to the ground on the left.
photo by Dennis Moore
There was a trophy that the winning school got to keep for the year