In 1976 it was Pandemonium as West won for the First Time 14-13
While there were many significant games, this author has found that one game seemed to stand above the rest. That was in 1976 when West finally beat East. For the first eight games West could not come up with a win against East. But the West fans were still always high spirted hoping that this would be their year. That Thanksgiving Day the first half of the game started out like most years as East took a commanding 13-0 lead at halftime. Legend has it, according to the West alumni at least, that at halftime in the East locker room some players were boasting how it was business as usual, another victory against West.

But West came out in the second half a different team. Half way through the third quarter, still without a score, West was at the East 40 yard line. Wide receiver Mike Krochta told quarterback Dave Incao that when two receivers went out on a pass on his side that both the East defensive backs were covering the other receiver. Incao took his teammates advice. On the next play he threw 20 yards to Krochta, who, as he predicted, was uncovered. After catching the ball he was able to out run the defenders to end zone. A two point conversion made it 13-8. West was still trailing, but was back in the game. Their defense would keep East from scoring again. Later in the fourth quarter West drove down the field again. From the 16 yard line Incao again found Krochta for a touchdown pass. West was in the lead 14-13. The crowd went crazy. Anyone at that game recalls the noise level that the fans made. The West fans that is. The East side of the stands was very quiet.

As the game moved on the West fans were on the edge of their seats watching the clock tick down as West held onto the lead. But then ironically with four minutes left the power on the scoreboard clock went out. The “official time” was kept on the field by the officials so the game continued. But it drove the fans crazy. How much time was left, two minutes, one minute? After what seemed like forever the referee signaled the game was over. West, after eight disappointing years, had finally beaten East. Thousands of screaming fans stormed the field to celebrate. Receiver Mike Krochta, who scored two touchdowns, recalled how amazing it was that thousands of people were on the field. In their exuberance the crazed fans ripped down the goalposts. Today, that is considered an act of vandalism, but back in 1976 it was just part of the fun of a long awaited victory. The school would gladly spring for a few bucks to put the goalposts back up.
Coach Dave Adam recalled that Athletic Director A.J. Troisi, who was in his mid-sixties, told him that they needed to beat East for he was worried that he would not live to see a West victory in the Thanksgiving Day game versus East. A.J. was passionate about sports and his role as athletic director. The Thanksgiving Day game against East was the big event each year and in his tenure his school had never won. When West had the lead with 5 minutes remaining A.J. left the field and went into the locker room. He would later tell Dave Adam that he felt he was getting too excited and that his heart could not take it. After the game he would tell the newspaper that "it was the best thing that ever happened to West".

Coach Adam further remembers how his team did not realize that there was a trophy presentation after the game. The team had to be brought out of the locker room to have the trophy presented to them. Every year before the trophy had gone to East, so West was not aware of the presentation.
Mike Krochta out runs the East defenders for his first touchdown
Mike Krochta crosses the goal line for the game winning touchdown