Joseph Le Flem of Vones Lane
was awarded The Silver Star
during World War II
When 30,000 Came to Raritan
The 1943 John Basilone
Welcome Home Parade
Raritan's Frank Russo
was awarded
The Bronze Star Twice
To Locate Raritan's
Bronze & Silver Star
Recipients from WWII
The World War II Letters
of Al Gaburo
Raritan Family Reconnects
with Belgium Family that dad
met during WW2
During WW II Joe Wing
flew 35 bombing missions
against the Japanese
Christmas in Raritan
During World War II
Bridgewater's Joe Mancini was
killed while serving on
The USS Intrepid in World War II
In World War II the Mancini Family of
Bridgewater Had 7 Brothers in Uniform
One Made the Ultimate Sacrifice
Frank Del Rocco Survived
Naval Battles in WW II
Raritan's 5 Del Rocco Brothers
Served in World War II
70th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor Attack
Raritan Remembers
Raritan's Michael DeCicco was
There On That Day of Infamy
A Soldier's Scrapbook &
Letters Tell His Story
Anthony Musz of Raritan served in World War II
An Inspiring Story
During World War II in Italy
Berardino & Letizia DiGiacomantonio
helped Joe Frelinghuysen &
other U.S. soldiers avoid
being captured by The Germans
Article About Tony Orlando
from April Issue of The Breeze
"Highlights" of Letters Written
Home to Tony Orlando By Raritan
Servicemen during World War II
Salute to Peter Petras
He died fighting for our Freedom in WW2
Lived at 26 Codington St. in Raritan
The Forgotten Story of Raritan
Reverend Rowland Koskamp
Heroic Reverend of The
Third Reformed Church in Raritan
Was Killed While Serving in World War II
65 Years Ago
Raritan Remembers VJ-Day
The End of World War II
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