2015 Volunteer of the Year - Bill Mener
Bill Mener has been a member of the Raritan Fire Department for 28 years – joining way back in 1986.
In his time he served as Chief twice, 2000-2001 and 2013–2014.
He also held many other positions - such as Assistant Chief, Captain, and Foreman.

Over his almost three decades of service he responded to over 1000 calls, attended over 300 meetings,
and participated in over 100 training drills.
In his time with the Fire Department he has been involved in many critical incidents,
but was cited for his actions on two separate occasions.
He was once cited for participation in a rescue of a civilian in flood waters.
Bill was also cited for bravery by Mayor Liptak for his
participation on battling a structure fire during the height of Super Storm Sandy.
While most were locked indoors worried about their own safety, Bill was out in the elements with
the other members of the fire department risking his own safety to help others and save their property.
Bill knew that this is what needed to be done and in his mind there was no other option.

Bill, deservingly so, is Raritan’s 2015 Volunteer of the Year.