Steve Del Rocco
So Many Accomplishments - A Tremendous Legacy
A Great Man who did it all

Recreation Director
Parade Founder
Steve was a star quarterback for
The Somerville High School football team 1937-1938.
He was elected to the Somerville High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
He served his country in World War II.
As a sergeant he trained soldiers in boot camp to prepare
them for battle overseas.
He was founder and president of Raritan Recreation 1947-1967.
At a dinner to honor him after he retired as director after 20 years,
John Pacifico said
“Steve Del Rocco was the best
20 year investment Raritan ever made”.
Steve Del Rocco served as Raritan’s Mayor from 1976-1983.
He was instrumental in the construction of the Municipal building
and the Raritan Shopping Center.
He made sure that the new road (Orlando Drive) was named
after Raritan Tavern owner Tony Orlando.
He started the Basilone Parade
after he received a letter from Jo-Ann Liptak’s third grade class.
In the early years he was chairman of the Parade Committee.
A Baseball Field in Raritan is named after him
Raritan Remembers
Rich Bartolucci & Bob Andreychak
Rich Bartolucci & Bob Andreychak who today run Raritan Recreation both played baseball
when Steve Del Rocco was the Rec Director. They said “He made the little league program
the best that it could be. It was everything for the kids.”

They remember that Steve never raised his voice and certainly never yelled at an umpire.

Rich and Bob fondly recall that there was one Opening Day (about 15 years ago) that Steve
was there to throw out the first pitch. That day was such a special day for everyone involved
to have the founder of the program return to kick off the season.
Anthony DeCicco
“He did a lot of things in his time as mayor, Orlando Drive, the municipal building, and the parade.
He was a good friend and one of the best mayors.
When we talked it was never about politics, that’s the kind of gentlemen he was.
It is a sad day for Raritan to lose a good man like Steve Del Rocco.”
Mayor Jo-Ann Liptak
We all mourn the loss of Mayor Steve Del Rocco. He was a true gentleman who led the Borough for two terms in office.
He was the mayor when the concept for a tribute to John Basilone was first suggested
and he also established the first committee to oversee the running of the parade.
Mayor Del Rocco was a good friend and mentor. He truly loved Raritan.
The Mayor and Council extend their sympathies to the entire Del Rocco family.
John Pacifico
“He accomplished a lot as he knew how to compromise and he knew how to negotiate.
He was always willing to help others.
He always got along with everybody. His heart was in Raritan.”