Raritan Borough Annual Reorg Meeting 2017
Meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Ch 15 & "Verizon FIOS" Ch 37.
Mayor Chuck McMullin
gave an 8 minute talk about
"The State of The Borough of Raritan".
It is worth hearing.
Click to hear speech Click to read Speech
Nicolas Carra was sworn in as new Councilman Denise Carra was sworn in as Council President
Paul Giraldi was sworn in for another term Robert McGinley was sworn in for his first full term
Other Firemen sworn in:
Deputy Chief - Tom DeSantis
Captain - Ron Link
1st Lieutenant - Ian Insley
2nd Lieutenant - Jordan Wheeler
Brian Kredatus was sworn in again as Fire Chief
Committee Assignments for 2017 are
Administrative & Personnel 1. Councilman McGinley
2. Councilman Nicolas Carra
Engineering & Public Works 1. Councilman Bray
2. Council President Denise Carra
Finance 1. Councilman Nicolas Carra
2. Councilman Bray
Police 1. Councilman Giraldi
2. Councilman Foohey
Public and Private Properties 1. Council President Carra
2. Councilman McGinley
Public Safety 1. Councilman Foohey
2. Councilman Giraldi
2017 Council Liason Assignments
Board of Health
Municipal Court
Councilman Bray
Building Department
Property Maintenance
Council President Denise Carra
Solid Waste Advisory
Somerset County Waste Water
Councilman Nicolas Carra
Board of Education
Historic & Cultural Committee
Office of Emergency Management
Councilman Foohey
Basilone Parade Committee
Environmental Commission
Councilman Giraldi
Regional Center Partnership Councilman McGinley
2017 Mayoral Appointments
Without Consent of Council
3 year
Muni Land Use Liaison - Rick Zack
Historic and Cultural Committee
3 year
Alphonse Capetta
Tim Rack
Alt. No. 1 Edward Ruzbarsky
Alt. No. 2 Joyce Tronolone
Municipal Land Use Board
terms vary
Class II Bill Cunningham - 1 year
Env. Comm. Rick Zack - 4 years
Class III Councilman Bray - 1 year
Alt. No. 1 Michael DeCicco - 1 year
Alt. No. 2 David Forkus - 1 year
Alt. No. 3 Adele Goetsch - 1 year
Regional Center Executive Board
1 year
Mayor McMullin
Councilman Nicolas Carra
Angela Knowles
Solid Waste Advisory
1 year
Councilman Nicolas Carra
Recycling Coordinator Robert Fulminante
Somerset County Municipal Water Waste
Management Plan Committee
1 year
Elected Official Rep - Councilman Nicolas Carra
Planning Board Chair - Rick Miller
Borough Engineer - Stan Schrek
RSA Member - Edward Machala
Recycling Coordinator - Robert Fulminante
2017 Mayoral Appointments
With Consent of Council
Board of Health
3 year
Paula Machala
Katherine Mastice
Preni Nair
Library Board of Trustees
5 year
Megan Pyrll
2017 BOE Rep. Russell Lazovick
Somerset Raritan Valley Sewerage Authority
5 year
Richard DeLuca