2016 Basilone Parade - Concert
Donald Basilone with Joni Holland Peter Vitelli with Grand Marshall John Sturges
Raritan Mayor Chuck McMullin Parade Chairman John Pacifico State Senator Kip Bateman County Freeholder Pat Walsh
Raritan Mayor Chuck McMullin's Speech at the Concert can be seen below
On behalf of the governing body of Raritan I would like to welcome you to one of Raritan’s longstanding traditions.
Tomorrow we will be hosting the 35th Annual John Basilone Parade.

Sergeant Basilone and his family are not strangers to the people of Raritan.
He and his family called and continue to call Raritan their hometown.
Raritan, is a small borough - 2 square miles in size – yet we have many heroes.
Tomorrow, as you walk along the parade route, you will see 27 flags with the images of
other military service personnel who once called Raritan their home.
Each and every person represented on those flags made “the ultimate sacrifice” during combat for their Country.
Like Sergeant Basilone, they too gave their life for their country.

Tomorrow, as we all enjoy the parade, we all need to be mindful that “Freedom is not Free”. Raritan’s war heroes loved this
County and importantly believed in freedom for themselves and for their fellow Americans.
They made the ultimate sacrifice so that America remains the “Home of the Free”.

In closing, it is a privilege to welcome members of our Armed Forces to our community.
And it is important to keep in our thoughts that there is not one minute in any day when
our military service personnel are not in harm’s way protecting our freedom.
On behalf of all the people of Raritan - Thank You and God Bless.