The Grasso Brothers Band Played at
Meet Your Neighbor Day 2007

The Grasso Brothers grew up in Raritan - at 102 West Somerset Street.
At Sunday's picnic they performed classic rock songs by Tom Petty, Van Halen, The Eagles, and other bands.
They also played a couple original songs written by Tommy Grasso. One of these original songs
was entitled One Train. It is about the town of Raritan.
The song will soon be available on Tommy Grasso's new CD. This will be his 5th CD.
click for Tommy's Web Site and CD info

Guitarist Dave Kondas Lead Singer Tommy Grasso
Rob Viola played with the Grasso Brothers and
also played a solo set to open the show
Guitarist Anthony Nittoli
Ralph Grasso on drums
The Grasso brothers Grandfather, Leo Grasso
and great uncle Augustino founded The "Grasso Pasta Co."
in NYC in the early 1900's and
moved it to 7 First Ave in Raritan (pictured to the right)
around 1920. The building is still owned by
the Grasso's and houses two recording studios,
and a music instruction facility.