Raritan's First Mayor - Rocky Miele - 1948-1952
The First official Mayor of Raritan was Rocky Miele. Just prior to independence, he was the President of the Raritan Board of Commissioners. He was so well liked and respected that no one opposed him for Mayor in the election of 1948. Rocky owned a Tavern in Raritan called The Park Grill which was at 75 West Somerset Street, on the corner of Nevius Street, where a Laundromat is today. He lived upstairs from the tavern. The tavern was open from the mid 30s to the mid 50s. The original building still stands, but it has been redesigned over the years. Rocky served just one 4 year term as mayor. He chose not to run in 1952 due to health reasons.
Rocky's bar was a hot spot in Raritan.

The Park Grill was always first to feature new technology. It was the first local bar to have air conditioning, the first to have a T.V. and later, the first to have a color T.V.
Many N.Y. Yankees visited the bar over the years including Mickey Mantle, Phil Rizzuto, Yogi Berra, and Whitey Ford.
Rocky Miele was born in Raritan. He was a graduate of St. Bernard’s Parochial School. Locally he was well known as an athlete—playing semi-pro football. He also played basketball and baseball.

During World War II he served 39 months and held the title of Staff Sergeant in the U.S. Army Air Forces. His local volunteer work included the American Legion and Fire Company. In the Elks, he worked with crippled children.

In the 1960s Rocky was the manager of a bowling alley in Raritan called the Bowlerama. It was located on the Somerville Circle where the PC-Richard is today.

Rocky died on October 12th, 1994.
Rocky Miele on Somerset Street in Raritan in front of what was then Amerman & Regal's Store.
The building is shown here today in the color photo.
Rocky at the Dedication of The John Basilone Memorial Bridge on The New Jersey Turnpike
Rocky Miele with Raritan's Pro Football Player Frank Perantoni 1960 ad for Raritan's Bowling Alley - The Bowlerama
Rocky was the manager
The Raritan Fire Department of which Rocky Miele was a member in April 1942.
Rocky would enter the service later that year.