Michael DeCicco - who then lived at 10 Anderson Street in Raritan
was in Pearl Harbor at the time of the attack.
He was in the Navy serving aboard The USS Helena
Michael's ship was one of the
first attacked at Pearl Harbor.
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of Michael and The Helena
Michael was the first Raritan
soldier who was at Pearl Harbor
to return home.
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about his return
After Michael's ship was sunk in July of 1943,
he returned home and spoke with Calco
about the importance of buying war bonds.
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about bond talk
His Ship, the USS Helena,
had a proud record in WWII.
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The USS Helena web page
In World War II Telegrams bought
home good and bad news from overseas
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DeCicco family of Michael's injury
When serving in Hawaii in July of 1941,
4 other Raritan guys were there as well
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