Photos of Iwo Jima
John Basilone's niece Diane Hawkins took a trip to the island of Iwo Jima, the location where her Uncle was killed on February 19th, 1945. Below are color photos from her trip along side black and white photos from the battle in 1945.
Mount Suribachi sits peacefully today on the quiet island. In 1945 a battle raged between the U.S. Marines & Japan.
The most famous location on Iwo Jima is at The Top of Mount Suribachi. Here On February 23rd, 1945
Five Marines and a Navy medic were photographed raising the U.S. flag.
A week later the picture appeared in every major U.S. newspaper.
On the left Diane stands in the location that the flag raising took place.
During the visit to Iwo Jima, a ceremony was held to
honor those who died there.
Raritan's Tony Cirello and another soldier pay their respects at John Basilone's grave at Iwo Jima in this 1945 photo.
After the war, the bodies of the fallen soldiers at Iwo Jima would be returned to the U.S.