Dominic Porcaro is The Grand Marshall for The 2012 John Basilone Parade
In World War II he served in the Navy aboard an escort ship in the Mediterranean Sea.
Sadly, after being interviewed for this article, Dominic passed away in July.
However, he is still the official Grand Marshall his son will ride in the car in the parade in his honor.
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When The U.S.S. PC-542
Took Part in The Sicilian Campaign,
This man stood by his
battle station and performed other
hazardous duties as ordered,
with a High Degree of Loyalty,
and Personal Fearlessness.

Admiral Kirk U.S.N.
The two photos below are at the same location 67 years apart
It is in front of 27 First Ave. in Raritan where Dominic lived.
1945 - The whole family - Mom, Dad, and the 6 kids.
Dominic on far right, Raymond the little guy in front,
and Teresa peeking from the back
2012 - Teresa, Raymond, and Dominic
In 1942 this photo appeared in The Raritan Valley News
John Rossi, Armi Salerno, Dominic Porcaro, & Steve Sabol
These 4 Raritan guys were home on leave at the time.
With mom 1945With his brother Carmine who served in the Army
Dominic was awarded the above medals for his service in World War II
In 1951 Dominic married a Raritan Girl - Marie Fischetti. They were married 61 years.
In 1969 Dominic opened The Hoagie Hut in Bridgewater on the corner of Route 28 and Adamsville Road.
The business is still there today. His son now runs the business.