The 2006 Grand Marshall is James Sorace
James Sorace was born in Raritan in 1924. He served in World War II aboard The Navy Ship The USS Oakland
His ship saw action at 9 battles including the Marshall Islands, Okinawa, Guam, Truk, and Leyte Gulf
After the war, he returned home and in 1947 opened his own business on Somerset Street
in Raritan The J&J Barber Shop which is still open today - 59 years later
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When James joined the Navy he was already a licensed barber.
So the Navy put him to work as one.
Web Site for U.S.S. Oakland
James returned home in 1946. Here he is with his sister Fran and Ann Navatto
The background is Thompson Street in Raritan.
Today Pizza Brothers is directly behind were he is standing
Here is James Sorace in front of his home
at 24 Doughty Street in Raritan
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