Two Families Gene Moretti Became Friends with in WWII
Talani Family of Livorno, Italy
He wrote to them for several years after the war.
They attended his wedding in Italy in 1947.
Today we are trying to locate the Talani family. We have found on FACEBOOK an exact name match (Giuliana Talani) whose home town is close to Livorno
We have sent a message on FACEBOOK, but she appears not to check her FACEBOOK very often.
We hope to establish contact so Gene can say hello to his old friends.
Is the photo on the left the same Giuliana Talani as the girl on the right? (70 years later)
The Giner Family of Casablanca, Morocco
Gene recalls that The Giner Family was a happy bunch.
They were always smiling ... except in pictures.
We have sent FACEBOOK messages to Giners from Casablanca, Morocco but we have not heard back.