Photos of John Basilone from the Scrapbook of Al & Tom Gaburo
The Gaburo brothers owned and operated Gaburo's Laundry in Raritan -
which was open for decades, closing in 1971.
The grandaughters of Tom Gaburo, twins Cindy & Cathy,
now open up their grandfather's photo album of John Basilone for all to see.
This photo of Basilone has rarely been seen.
It would have been great for the stamp
Note the writing on the photo near John's hand.
John Basilone personally signed this photo for Tom Gaburo
This ad appeared in the Raritan Valley News
before his welcome home parade in 1943.
As a teenager, John Basilone worked for
Gaburo's Laundry in the 1930s.

The nine photos below have been in the Gaburo's photo album
since they were taken in 1943. They have never been seen by the public until now.
Basilone with 3 Gaburo Brothers.
Al & Matty Gaburo are in the back.
Tom Gaburo is next to Basilone.
Photo was taken in front of Gaburo's Laundry in 1943.
John Basilone with Lena Gaburo in Raritan
On Sept, 19th 1943, Raritan welcomed home
John Basilone with a parade.
Here Basilone rides in the car on
Somerset Street Near Wall Street.
The building that today houses As You Like It Ice Cream
is in the background
Banner from the 1943 parade.
An estimated 30,000 people attended the parade.
Many groups marched in the 1943 parade
The parade was covered by Life Magazine
and the Movie Newsreels
This picture is from the day of John Basilone's Welcome Home Parade.
The day started with a mass at St. Ann's Church.
Here John comes out of the church with a large crowd waiting to cheer him.
Gaburo's Laundry was located in this building at the corner of Farrand and North Gaston Avenue.
Today, Raritan Valley Printing occupies the building.