Highlights of Oct 11th 2016 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
Meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15 & "Verizon FIOS" Channel 37.
Councilman Sibilia was absent.
The mayor and council thanked The Somerset County Sheriff's Office for
ensuring a safe environment for The Basilone Parade.
They presented the Sheriff's Office with a Proclamation that (partially) read:

The 35th John Basilone parade was made possible this year due to the assistance
provided by Somerset Sheriff Frank Provenzano and his fellow law enforcement colleagues.
The importance of fast action and willingness to assist the Raritan Police Department,
when credible safety issues existed that exceeded the Borough's resources cannot be understated.
Charles McMullin, Mayor of the Borough of Raritan, do hereby thank Sheriff Provenzano ...
for making the 35th Annual John Basilone Parade possible.

The Mayor also thanked the Raritan Police Department for their work on parade day.
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Sheriff Provenzano's Statement 2:19
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his staff introduce themselves 0:51
A T.V. Screen has been installed in the Council Chamber.
It will be used for presentations made to
the council and the planning board.
Other Meeting Highlights Include:

The rat infested house / property at 413 Raritan Avenue has been condemned.
The owners have moved off the property and the home is boarded up.
Thus the main food source for the rats has been removed.
An exterminator, and some local residents, have placed poison traps in and around the property.
A "Habitability Hearing" will be held concerning this building.

One resident wanted to know if the Washington School building could be saved.
The Mayor said that the County who owns the building says it needs to be demolished.
Further the County would not sell the property to the town with the building still standing.

Shannon Maher was appointed to The Recreation Committee.

Timothy Demond was hired as a full time laborer for
the Public Works Department at $21.88 per hour.

The entire video of the meeting can be seen at the Borough's Web Site
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