Highlights of Sep 27th 2016 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
Meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15 & "Verizon FIOS" Channel 37.
All Council people were present.
Riverfest organizer Don Tozzi thanked the Chief of Police, council,
Borough Engineer Stan Schrek, and Public Works for their
support in making the Riverfest a success.

Don presented a check to the Raritan Fire Department from
the proceeds collected through the Riverfest.

Many thanks to Don Tozzi.
Click to hear Don Tozzi's comment 1:41.
The town gave the final vote to spend $38,000 to demolish
the decaying abandoned house at 401 Tillman Street.
This money should be recovered through a lien on the property.
After a thorough discussion the town council voted to purchase
a 60 inch T.V. screen that will be mounted in the council chamber.
The screen will be used for presentations during meetings.
Total cost with accessories is around $1200. This should be very useful.
Other Meeting Highlights Include:

Mayor McMullin thanked Lieutenant Nolte for his decisiveness and action.
For after the Saturday bombing in Seaside he worked together with Sheriff Provenzano
to make sure that we had a safe environment for the Basilone Parade.
Click to hear Mayor's comment 0:48.

The borough attorney gave an update on the rat infested property at 413 Raritan Avenue.
The town was recently given access to the property and they set many traps.
They also set traps in the surrounding properties.

A historical marker will be put in front of the library.

Councilman Jim Foohey will again be putting together the Borough Calendar.

The Raritan Historical Society was commended for accomplishing their goals.
Those goals were:
Installing banners on the poles to commemorate those Raritan men who died defending our freedom.
To create a Veterans's Park in the area opposite the Basilone Statue.
Having the lighting at the Basilone Statue changed to light up the statue.
To see that a plan was made to save some artifacts from The Washington School.

Purchase Orders were approved for:
$12,775 to Motorola Solutions for Mobile Radios for Fire Department (Part of the Capital Plan.)
$4,593 to "D&B Pools" for a Safety Cover for the Basilone Pool.

There was a nice crowd for The Basilone Parade, especially considering the weather.

The entire video of the meeting can be seen at the Borough's Web Site
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