Highlights of Sep 13th 2016 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
Meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15 & "Verizon FIOS" Channel 37.
Councilman Foohey was absent.
A presentation was done by engineers from Somerset County on how they plan
to commemorate The Washington School after it is demolished.
Pieces of the building are going to be saved and made part of
a 16 * 9 foot monument that will stand on that location.
Those pieces are the cornerstone, the concreate sign that says Washington School,
a port hole window, and a couple other windows.

Mayor McMullin praised the county's efforts saying
"The County has been a good partner, they demonstrated that again today, I thank them."
Click to see this brief presentation 5:47.
A "Habitability Hearing" was held for a long abandoned building on Tillman Street.
Construction Official Lou Gara says that the building is not salvageable.
The owner of building, which is a bank in New York,
was notified of this hearing but they did not show up.
Thus the council is now utilizing its authority to demolish this unfit building.
They voted unanimously for it to be demolished.
That can now happen after 30 days.
The second floor on the Firehouse at 16 Anderson St. is
slated to be converted into a storage area.
However, the second floor needs major clean up first. But this work has not been started.
Councilman Giraldi feels that this work should have been started already and
that the projected completion date, May 2017, is too distance.
The town discussed this and will talk with the firm hired to do the work in an effort
to get this project started and have it finish in a more acceptable time frame.
Other Meeting Highlights Include:

A situation of high concern was discussed during Public Comments.
The Property at 413 Raritan Avenue has an infestation of rats.
These rats, numerous in number, have been moving onto other properties in the surrounding area.
A couple residents felt that the town was not doing enough about his.
However, the town is doing everything it can.
They are working with an exterminator and have increased their efforts since the meeting.
The owner is scheduled to go before the court early this week.
This was discussed for 22 minutes and can be viewed/heard by clicking here.

The addition on the Raritan Public Library is proceeding as planned.

A vacancy on the Library Board was filled by Megan Pyrll.
Megan is a teacher at JFK School in Raritan.

Dan Struble and Brian Wood were approved as volunteer firemen.

An ordinance was passed that says that grass and weeds can no longer be over 8 inches tall.
Property owners will be fined for violations.

Al Bartocci has resigned as assistant director of recreation.
Much thanks to Al for his many years of service in Raritan Recreation

In August the Municipal Court collected $16,559 of which the town kept $8,581.

It was announced that on September 17th a ceremony will be held for Dennis Crane.
Dennis, who once lived on Vanderveer Road in Raritan, was killed in Vietnam,
but was overlooked when the Wall of Heroes was done last year.
The ceremony has since been held. Click to see photos from the ceremony.

It was announced that on September 18th the Basilone Parade will be held.
It has since been held. Click to see photos.

The entire video of the meeting can be seen at the Borough's Web Site
Click here for town website