Highlights of June 13th 2017 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
The meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Ch. 15 and "Verizon FIOS" Ch. 37.
Councilman Giraldi was absent from the main meeting,
but he was present at the closed executive session
Two things will be done with First Avenue. (It is a "County Road".)
1. It will be re-paved in two phases - initially Route 28 to Route 202 - then Route 202 to Somerset Street.
2. To help improve traffic the north bound lane from the train tracks toward 202,
which currently at one point has just one lane, will be expanded to two lanes.
In order to do this the road does not need to be made wider. All that needs to be done to make room
is to prohibit parking on First Avenue on this part of the road.
It was reasoned that taking away the parking was a small price to pay for an
additional lane that would help move traffic along.
Only a few people park there and most residents who live on First Avenue have driveways.

A sanitary manhole located at the intersection of Richard Street and Elizabeth Avenue has been badly eroded.
This 20 foot deep manhole must be replaced.
Montana Construction, which offered the lowest bid, will replace it at $37,000.

Council President Denise Carra thanked Linda Schulte and the Raritan Events Committee, the Police Department
and Public Works for a fine job they did at the bike race on Memorial Day Weekend.

The town will be adding 18 additional parking spaces for the train station.
Preparing the land, which is east of the main parking lot, into parking spaces should only cost a total of $7000.
Some initial quotes were much higher but the town was able to get a good deal
from a contractor who was already doing work nearby.
The town charges $40 per month per a parking space at the train station.

For the Police Department, a PO for $7180 to "Kaldor Emergency Lights" was approved for SUV Emergency Lights.

For Public Works, a PO for $5,878 to Garden State Bobcat was approved for a trailer for the Bobcat.

A new dance class, Bollywood Dance Fitness, will soon be offered - it will probably be held in the Municipal Building.
Details to follow.
Resolution 2017-06-102 was passed.
This will allow the residents at 625 First Avenue and 615 N Thompson St.
to have chickens on their property as they have met the requirements for
an "animal confinement area" and they have notified their neighbors.
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