Highlights of March 22nd 2016 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
All council people were present. The meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15.
It was the first meeting broadcast on "Verizon FIOS" Channel 37 - but there were sound issues.
(Those issues were resolved later in the week. So the sound should be fine next meeting.)
There were two monetary discussions concerning the Raritan Public Library.
The first one was concerning the surplus funds that the library has.
Councilman Giraldi said that there is a New Jersey State Law that says that surplus Library funds
can be returned to the town for the purpose of taxpayer relief. It is believed that even after the
library pays for a new addition that there will still be significant funds left over.
The council wants to discuss this with the Library Board of Trustees.
Click to see video - 8:15
The other monetary issue with the library is that the library needs a new Electrical Panel.
That will cost around $25,000.
While the newly signed lease deal between the library and town states that the landlord (the town)
should pay for the repair, the town may have trouble coming up with the money, so perhaps the
library would be willing to pay this cost from their surplus funds. This needs to be discussed.
Click to see video - 9:14
It was stated that the Easter Egg Hunt was a big success.
Over 200 kids took part. Another great job by Raritan Recreation
(Special Thanks to former councilman Greg Lobell - pictured on the left.)
To see photos from The Easter Egg Hunt Click Here
John Roglieri, who owns one of the properties that may be taken by Eminent Domain,
continues to fight the "possible" use of Eminent Domain on his property on Third Street.
Click to see video - 9:14
Mike Roglieri spoke about the pending Eminent Domain.
Click to see video - 4:04
Other Meeting Highlights Include:

A Tower / Wrecker license was granted to "Value Towing".

Pools will open on June 20th.
This summer the Basilone Pool will be open on Sundays.

Baseball's Opening Day will be April 16th

There will be a walking historical tour of Raritan on April 23rd
Click for details

The Raritan River Cleanup will be Saturday April 23rd.

There was a moment of silence for Stefanie Tozzi who passed away on March 21st 2016
Purchase Orders - all approved (Vote 6-0)
$2,385 to "Warshauer Generator" for the annual inspection of three Emergency Generators.
One is at the Municipal Building and two are for pump stations.
$5,000 to "Mulch Supply" for mulch for the playgrounds.
$1,575 to "GTBM" for the renewal of Maintenance Agreement for Police Vehicle Software "InfoCop".
$1,643 to "Nixel/Everbridge" for the annual Nixel Contract
Mayor McMullin commented:
"I appreciate the improved and expanded use of it (Nixel) ...
It is a great method of communicating to a substantial segment of our population."