Highlights of Apr 11th 2017 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
All council people were present.
The meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Ch. 15 and "Verizon FIOS" Ch. 37.
The town ordered the owner of 13 East Somerset St. to fix the sidewalk in front of his building.
He has 30 days to do it.

The owner wanted to wait as he thinks he has a buyer,
but the town says it has been long enough, no more excuses.

He was told to "Fix it" or the fines could cost him quite a bit more than the repair would.
It was stated that the Dog Park needs a new sign.
The current one has faded away.
After a 25 minute discussion the town voted 4-3 to cancel the contract that allows
the Dynasty Softball Events LLC to use the baseball fields at the Washington School.

This organization used these fields a couple weekends last year for a softball tournament.

The argument against allowing continued use of the fields was:
This did not really benefit the town of Raritan. Few restaurants seemed to get business and we have no hotels.
While Dynasty Softball made improvements to the fields, these are fields that Raritan does not use.
The parking area and logistics could be greatly degraded with the demolition of the Washington School.

Councilman Paul Giraldi presented an argument in favor of allowing the continued use of the fields.
He felt it was a nice, enjoyable event - and that we are a small town that does not have much to offer, but we had this to offer.
Raritan could try to promote the local businesses to the crowd in attendance.
He further stated that Dynasty lived up to their part of the deal (improving the fields) and they are now counting on us.

Four voted "No" - to prohibit continued use of the field by Dynasty. Those were:
Mayor McMullin, Denise Carra, Nicolas Carra, Robert McGinley.

Three voted "Yes" to continue to allow Dynasty to use the fields. Those were:
Jim Foohey, Zack Bray, and Paul Giraldi.

The town will allow Dynasty to use the fields through the end of June. But not after that.
Editors Note - This information is provided to educate residents about the happenings at the Borough Council Meetings.
It is hoped that residents are then motivated to attend meetings, make positive suggestions, and perhaps even volunteer for something.
Other Meeting Highlights Include:

The funding given to the Basilone Parade was increased from $19,000 to $20,000.
Parade day will have a few more activities this year.

There are plans to add Bob Andreychak 's name to the plaque at Frelinghuysen Field
to honor him for his decades of service to Raritan Recreation