Highlights of March 8th 2016 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
Councilwoman Danyluk was absent. The meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15.
Meetings are not yet broadcast on "Verizon FIOS" but they will be starting next meeting March 22 - Channel 37
The new mayor and council made the tough decision to settle the lawsuit
and thus pay $650,000 to Gannett. Further fighting of the lawsuit
could have resulted in much a greater expense to the taxpayer.
Vote approved 5-0
Click to see video - 1:02
Raritan has aggreed to accept the Washington School and Property from the County.
But the now abandoned building is beyond repair, thus needs it to be knocked down.
The final decision on this will be made in April.
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Verizon FIOS is set to hook up Raritan on March 9th.
The town will then have its own channel.
One possibilty for the channel is to run a slideshow of announcements.
Click to see video - 2:08
There was a debate and vote on moving
Joanne Brandt from 15 hours a week to 40 hours a week.
Her position is "Administrative Assistant" for the Public Works Department.
The full time salary is $24,960
She was approved by a vote of 4-1 with Councilman Sibilia voting "No"
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John Roglieri, who owns one of the properties that may be taken by Eminent Domain,
talks about the unfairness of his property possibly being forced away from him.
Click to see video - 6:48
Other Meeting Highlights Include:

A Taxicab Vehicle and Taxicab Driver License Applications was approved for:
"Amazonas Taxi" of Bridgewater with
Cars: 2008 Hyundai Elantra, 2010 Mazda, and 2007 Hyundai
Drivers: Manuel Dutan, Nohemi Calle, Edgar Huaman

The Borough Calendar is complete.
It will not be mailed out to residents, but it can be picked up at various places
including the Municipal Building and Library.

Councilman Zack Bray paid tribute to Billy Sweeney saying
"I would like to send my condolences to the Sweeney family on the passing of Billy Sweeney.
He was a great man and a Raritan Icon. He will be missed."
Purchase Orders - all approved (Vote 5-0)
(Not more than) $2210 to "General Code" - to Code and Revise Ordinances
$2300 to "Absolute Tree Experts" - to remove two dead trees on Decicco Drive.