Highlights of February 9th 2016 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
All council people were present.The meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15.
Meetings are not yet broadcast on "Verizon FIOS" - that was discussed at this meeting - is probably just a month away.
JMF Properties, the developer who is proposing to build an apartment complex at First Avenue-Third Street- Train Tracks property, has so far only acquired 11 of the 14 lots in that grid. While that comes to 92% of the 3.3 acres, the developer will probably need all the lots to build the complex. Thus the town needs to decide if they would consider using eminent domain. That is the forcible taking of property at fair market value in order to develop that property for the public good. Attorney Jeff Lehrer talked about the legal process and the mayor and council discussed the issue.

The council voted to amend a previous resolution on this development so that it includes the possible use of eminent domain. The vote passed 4-1-1 with Councilman Sibilia voting “No” and council woman Danyluk “Abstaining”.
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A New Jersey Softball organization known as "The NJ Venom" wants to use the four ball fields at the Washington School.

In exchanged for use of the fields they are offering to upgrade the fields.
Dominick Gonnella of the NJ Venom spoke to the Mayor and Council about this proposal.
No decision was made - it was referred to the Recreation Committee
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The "Tour of Somerville Cycling Series" would like to hold a bike race in Raritan on Saturday May 28th.
While this has been held in Raritan for the last couple years is this race worth having?
The downtown businesses become inaccesible to their customers and Raritan is responsible for the extra police and public works resources.
No decision was made - it was delayed - but it was a good discussion worth watching.
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Raritan Council Meetings, which are currently broadcast on Optimum / Calevision, could soon also be broadcast on Veriozn FIOS.
With this could come Raritan's own Cable Channel that could run slideshows of upcoming events and provide other information.
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Other Meeting Highlights Include:

A Purchase Order for $3,345 was approved for the servicing of the town's Fire Engines.

A moment of silence was held for Rosina Carra, the mother-in-law of Council President Denise Carra, who passed away on Feb 7th.