Highlights of Aug 23rd 2016 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
Meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15 & "Verizon FIOS" Channel 37.
Mayor McMullin and Councilmen Sibilia and McGinley were absent.
During Public Comments a resident expressed anger and concern because a
couple is meeting late at night in a Silver Cadillac that is parked by her home.
That location is the parking area between Canal Street and Orlando Drive.
It was stated that this couple meets in the car around midnight for a couple hours.
They urinate outside and leave tiolet paper on the ground.
The couple also leave their beer bottles (Corona) on the ground.
The resident would like a better police response.
Click to hear this comment 7:52.
Banners to honor fallen soldiers
were approved to be hung in the downtown.
The banners have since been hung.

They look great.
Much thanks to the Raritan Historical Committee.
Other Meeting Highlights Include:

The Capital Budget of $625,200 was passed. Items include:
Command Vehicle for Fire Department $60,000
Guns for Police Department $25,000
Skid Steer Loader for Public Works $45,200
Bell Avenue Construction $145,000
Sherman Avenue Construction $145,000
Construction on various roads $100,000
Sewer Construction $100,000
Engineering Expenses for Cardinal Woods $5000
Click to view the Budget Ordinance that was passed.

Councilman Foohey would like to get started on the 2017 Borough Calendar.
He plans on getting sponsors so that the calendar will not cost the taxpayers anything.
Stop and Shop would like to be one of the sponsors.
That would be very useful as Stop and Shop could function as distribution site
since the calendars are not mailed out.

A Purchase Order was approved for $1737 for the replacement of
a Knox Box for the Fire Department.

On Saturday, September 17th at 11:30 AM a ceremony will be held for the
unveiling of the Tribute Frame for Dennis Crane who was killed in Vietnam.

The John Basilone Parade is Sunday, September 18th at 1 PM in downtown Raritan.

The Fire Department is having a Tricky Tray and 50/50 on October 21st.
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Public Works Superintendent Dan Laverde retired on Aug 31st, 2016.
A replacement is being sought.

The entire video of the meeting can be seen at the Borough's Web Site
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