Highlights of Dec 15th 2015 Raritan Borough Council Meeting
For the first part of the meeting the room was packed beyond capacity for the cheerleaders being honored.
After that there were about 15 people at the meeting. Plus councilman elect Zack Bray
There were three comments from the public. All council people were present.
It was the last council meeting of the year.
It was also the last council meeting for Stefanie Gara, Greg Lobell, and Mayor Liptak.
The meeting was broadcast on "Cablevision-Optimum" Channel 15.
Meetings are not yet broadcast on "Verizon FIOS" - that is probably a couple of months away.
All Resolutions passed Unanimously. Resolution Highlights Include:

A new Police Officer, Robert Sinopoli was approved and sworn in.
He has been appointed to the position of "Probationary Patrol Officer" - annual salary of $36,687. (Res # 2015-12-123)

John Moore of Willis Insurance was re-appointed as the town's "Risk Management Consultant". (Res # 2015-12-124 )

Raritan will pay $23.85 per household to the Somerset County for 2016 Recycling Services.
(Res # 2015-12-126)

A Contract was awarded to "Precision Building and Construction" for Concrete Ramp Repair and Replacement of
the Railing System for the Raritan Public Library. The winning bid was $33,240 (Res # 2015-12-128)

Taxicab Vehicle/Taxicab Driver Licenses was approved for "P&W Taxi Services" - Driver: Wilfredo Coronado
- 1 Vehicle: 2006 Honda Odyssey (Res # 2015-12-131)

The Plenary Retail Consumption License for "Some Place Inc." was Renewed. (Res # 2015-12-132)

Two Purchase Orders for the Fire Department were approved:
$5,820 for Repairs to Tower Ladder 52 - Emergency Equipment
$1,760 for Annual Respirator Fit Testing
Full Meeting
Swearing in of
new Police Officer
Mayor Liptak's
Final Statement
Stefanie Gara's
Final Statement
Greg Lobell's
Final Statement
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Bridgewater / Raritan Cheerleaders Honored
Denise Carra
Committee Report
Jim Foohey
Committee Report
Public Comments
Don Tozzi
Anthony DeCicco
Bruce Doorly