What is the Oldest Business in Raritan ?
Depending on the criteria used, all three businesses below could be considered the oldest.
If any one has any information on these businesses that Raritan-Online may be missing or any old photos, please contact us (908) 581-1917
The branch of the PNC Bank in Raritan
traces its origins to 1869
when The Raritan Savings Bank
was started by local businessmen who
no longer wished have their bank in Somerville.
In the 1990s, The Raritan Savings Bank
was taken over by United National Bank
which later was taken over by PNC Bank.
The Raritan Pastry Shop
was previously The Shaub Bakery
which was open as early as 1908.
Delucia’s Pizza opened in 1916
as Delucia’s Bakery.
They have always been in the same building.
It was in the 1950s that they
began a gradual conversion to only Pizza
Below are 3 other businesses that have been in Raritan since World War II
DeCiccos Tavern opened in 1933,
it was initially named the Anderson Tavern.
Tropianos opened in 1936 as an appliance store.
Back then they were in a different building
Bongiovi Funeral Home opened in 1944.
They were first on Somerset Street.
Their initial name was the
Conroy-Bongiovi Funeral Home.