Ben Carnevale is the only Raritan guy in a Major Sports Hall of Fame
A pioneer in Basketball he coached at Navy and North Carolina
As a player he starred at New York University - playing in the 1st NIT Tournament in 1938
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Played at
High School
Played for
NYU in the
1st NIT Tournament
in 1938
North Carolina
in NCAA Final
in 1946
Navy for
20 years
Team Manager
for the 1968 Olympic
Basketball Team
Elected to
Basketball Hall of Fame
in 1970
Ben Carnevale was a Pioneer in Basketball. The game evolved as he played and coached.
1891 A YMCA Gym Teacher in Springfield, Mass., James Naismith, invents the game of Basketball
1915 Ben Carnevale is born in Raritan
1922 Mr. Carnevale sets up a basketball hoop on the side of his home at 31 Gaston Avenue in Raritan for his son Ben.
1930 The size of the basketball is reduced from 32 inches in diameter to 31 inches.
1932 The center line is introduced. Teams have 10 seconds to cross this line and once they do they cannot cross back over. Before this rule change teams could easily stall as they would be able to use the entire court to pass the ball around.
1934 The size of the basketball is again reduced from 31 inches in diameter to 30 inches.
1934 Ben Carnevale is the top scorer for Somerville High School. He leads them to a 9-5 record.
1935 Ben Carnevale plays on the Varsity team at New York University
1936 Basketball is for the first time an official sport in the Olympics. The U.S. wins the Gold in Berlin, Germany
1937 The "Jump Ball" after every basket is eliminated. The team that was scored upon now gets the ball.
1938 Ben Carnevale plays in the 1st NIT College Basketball Tournament. NYU wins the 1st game but loses in the semi-finals
1939 The 1st NCAA College Basketball Tournament is held. Eight teams make up the brackets.
1944 The "Goaltending" rule is introduced. Tall Defensive players can no longer swat at the ball as it is on the way downward toward the basket.
1944 Ben Carnevale Takes a job coaching Basketball at North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
1944 Unlimited Substitutions are introduced. Before a player could only re-enter the game twice.
1946 Ben Carnevale coaches North Carolina to the Finals of the NCAA Tournament.
1946 Ben Carnevale takes a new coaching job at Navy. A job that he would hold for 20 years
1948 Coaches are finally allowed to talk to players during a timeout.
Amazingly before this rule change during the game Coaches could only instruct their players at halftime.
mid 1950s The Basketball itself is made much firmer. This allows players to dribble the ball much easier. This changes the game dramatically.
Previously, due to the difficulties in dribbling the ball, the main method of moving the ball around was passing.
1966 Ben Carnevale takes the Athletic Director job at his alma mater New York University
1968 Ben Carnevale is the Manager of the 1968 Olympic Men's Basketball Team. The U.S. team would win the gold.
1972 Ben Carnevale resigns from NYU job to take the job as Athletic Director at William and Mary
1992 Ben Carnevale retires from the Athletic Director job at William and Mary