Play of the Year - Otto Gsell Steals Home in The Championship Game
The team had speed. They stole bases many bases that year. However stealing home is much different that the other bases. It is seldom attempted in modern baseball. But Otto Gsell had already stole home twice before in two attempts. Seemed he had a nack for catching the other team sleeping.

In the Championship Game in the fourth ining he wound up on third base. It was the perfect situation - there was a left hand pitcher on mound who faces first base in his natural wind up . The Falcons were leading 2-1 so it was not as if the defense was watching the runner closely. Norm Hewitt was coaching third. Both he and Gsell noticed that the pitcher did not seem to be paying him much attention. Norm was so confident that he did not issue a signal to Otto but simply told him verbally to try to steal if he wanted. Otto Gsell was up to challenge. He began his 90 foot journey by walking a few steps, then when while the pitcher started to wind up he took off. The low outside pitch was caught cleanly by the catcher but Gsell slid in head first underneath the tag. The crowd went wild. A memorable moment indeed.