John Fidacaro - 3B
Bridgewater-Raritan High School West State Champions 1989.

Even Billy Beane couldn’t have envisioned such a team. This ’89 team wasn’t built to win a title, it was a matter of time. This was a team that had guys (kids) that could flat out play the game. It was composed of (great) athletes that excelled in many sports and everything else they put their mind to- it’s the competitive nature of athletes. But more importantly, it was forged on friendships and trust that no other team could rival. You see, this group was tight on and off the field. Sure, we’ve been playing ball and competing amongst each other since grade school, but the bonds we’ve created throughout our high school years was the key factor. Playing ball was fun- this was our forum to showcase our talents, but it was also a place where we came together and did all those things you expected of a high schooler. It meant time together for us to poke fun at, play practical jokes, brag, tease and do all those things you were suppose to do in high school. These things kept the game fun- and it kept us loose. We knew that once we were all together, on the same team, we had a shot at doing something special. It was a matter of time.

While we had the talent to do something special, we needed that extra ‘something’ to bring us to the next level. It wound up being we need that extra someone- Coach Hewitt- “Norm”. Someone to teach us how to play the game- someone that focused on the little things that matter the most, the details. And once we embraced his style, we realized that we had the right chemistry. Sure, playing small ball, utilizing our speed all helped, but it was a matter of executing the plays that we did so well. He believed in us and we trusted him- and so we performed. And the great thing about that was every game could be someone different that made the difference. If you ask who was the best player on the team- the answer likely depends on whom you asked. And I am sure they will have their reasons or recall certain plays. That is the great thing about our season- everyone remembers something they did to help us win. Although it’s likely we have different recollections, there is one thing for certain. We will all remember that we were the 1989 State Champions.