Assistant Coach Chuck Nelson
Coach Hewitt remembers the late Chuck Nelson:
I was just 14 when I met him. Chuck played a major role in developing me as a person and coach
as he taught me a lot about the ethics and class of the game.
He was not only an outstanding teacher and coach, but one of the finest gentleman that I ever met.
He was loved by the kids - as he had a unique abilty to connect with them.
Chuck had so many one liners that always lightened the moment.
His wisdom and knowledge played a huge role in our success.
He will always be special to me, my wife and my players.

Otto Gsell said that Chuck Nelson was a good compliment
to head coach Hewitt as Coach Nelson was the guy that keep you
relaxed while Coach Hewitt was the more serious type.

Chuck Nelson was also the head football coach at the high school for many years.

Chuck played college football at Brown University where his roommate was Joe Paterno.