They Played Together ... and Sang Together
The players on the Falcon team of 1965 were a close unit. On the bus rides to the away games they would sing together the pop songs of the era. And the 1960s was a great era for music - songs were short, simple, and lyrics understandable.

One of their favorites to sing was “Love Potion #9”. Another was the song “Charlie Brown”. One of the players recalled, while singing “Charlie Brown” the whole team would sing together, but the comical line of the song “Why’s everybody always picking on me” was sung solo by Andy Martin. The Falcons also sang a couple of songs by some new group from Liverpool, England, called The Beatles.

One player in particular was the main entertainer on the bus rides – Anthony “Bucky” Bendetti. He may have been the “8th Man” on the basketball team, but on the bus he was the first man. Quite a character in his youth, not only was he one of the lead singers on the bus, but he had some stand up comical routines that entertained the others. His act included not just one liners and songs, but he was very creative as his act included a simulated horse race or two.

The multi-talented
Anthony "Bucky" Bendetti
He could sing, do standup comedy,
and play basketball
Today Anthony owns and operates
McCarthy's Restaurant in Bridgewater.
Old friends can email him at
When the 1965 team first entered the playoffs Bucky vowed that if the team made it to the finals, he would shave his head.
In 1965 nobody shaved their head, so his teammates and classmates thought this was just Bucky talking it up and having some fun.
But after the semi-final win against Camden, Bucky, always the character, made good on his promise.
He recalls that he and Mike Grosso went over to Joe's Barber Shop in Bridgewater (where Hair Movement is today) and he had his head shaved.
Mike Grosso watched in disbelief - remember in 1965 nobody shaved their head - and soon Mike was moved to uncontrollable laughter and actually fell on the floor laughing.
To add to the fun, there were still several school days left before the championship game.
Bucky's bald head, much to his liking, received considerable attention that week.