Coach Joe Fisher
In addition to coaching basketball,
Joe Fisher taught Gym Class at the High School
Now retired, today he
lives in Piscataway
Joe Fisher's thoughts on the team
It was the sort of team you get only once in a lifetime. Each kid had his own role.
In order to win a state championship everything has to fall right and you have to be lucky as the devil.
Anthony "Bucky" Bendetti
said Coach Fisher really understood the game of basketball. He knew all about various offenses and defenses. One effective strategy that he utilized was when an opponent was beating them with a certain type of play or shot he had the Falcons change their defense to break the rhythm of what had previously been successfully working for their opponent. Bucky also recalled how Coach Fisher made the practices a lot of fun
Rich Doyle:
The most important factor (in the championship season) was having a good coach. He really knew the game, and had really good plans That was the number one factor, no doubt.
Mike Grosso:
recalled that as the team moved along toward the final playoff game "everything became bigger than life. It was a challenge to try to handle it all."
He credits Coach Fisher with helping them keep their heads in the right place.
Mike Janczewski, who grew up without a father, said Coach Fisher really looked out for him. Coach Fisher always got Mike into Summer Basketball Camps.
There not only did he learn basketball, but he was able to meet several professional basketball players.
Joe Fisher played basketball at Dunellen High School in the late 1940s. His team was nicknamed the Jive Five.
They had several excellent seasons back to back including a Central Jersey Championship in Joe's Junior year.
Joe Fisher is a member of The Dunellen High School Athletic Hall of Fame.
Joe is in the front row in the middle #15.