Patriotic Art Display/Contest
Sunday, September 24th 2017
at the Basilone Statue Somerset St. Raritan
immediately after the Basilone Parade Around 2:30
The Art Display / Contest will be part of several festivities after the parade as there will be
A speech by the General, a Rock n Roll Band, and Food
Artists can bring anything
patriotic that they want to display.
A drawing,
a painting,
paper mache,
sculpture …

All ages and all levels
(beginner to professional)
are welcome.

No advanced registration is required.
Just bring your artwork and setup.
There will be some prizes awarded, but the true nature of this event is that it is a display.
The Parade starts at 1 PM and is usually finished by 2:30 PM.
That is when the crowd moves from the parade route toward the Basilone Statue area.
Some of the winning artwork will be considered for placement in the Raritan town calendar.
The two photographers covering the event will try to get pictures of all the artwork so that
it can be posted on the internet -
Artists need to bring their own tables or art panels and perhaps an EZ-up tent.
Artwork can be setup anytime from 11:00 AM—2 PM.
But due to the parade the main street in Raritan (Somerset Street) will be closed.
Vehicles can reach the Basilone Statue area through Old York Road
starting at Milltown Road (or Meehan Avenue) and heading East.
Those not familiar with the Raritan roads should contact us beforehand.
Once at the location an Art Logistics Coordinator will direct you as to where you can setup.
For questions contact Bruce Doorly at (908) 581-1917
This event is outdoors and the weather is unpredictable thus the artist
should be careful to guard his art work against the weather.